Friday, December 18, 2009

GTAIV - Sound Mod (BETA) KCS's First!

The first sound mod for GTAIV at KCS to be released. ;D

Still in beta stage as known.


Everyone at KCS could'nt have done it without them of course i was inspired to come back to moding.
Special shoutout to 5050gs and arbitrarymobster for your tuts.

D/L at the shop (maybe) :P


-Sound Skip
-Undirect Loop
-Start/Idle sound not synced correct

Any other knowns bugs?... click here or post comment :)

download the archive here

Monday, October 19, 2009

Windows Update For WXP/Wv/W7/etc.

This update is manditory and is required for some programs including Zmodeler 2.2.1 and higher.

Direct Link Nikka

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo [SA]

The 2006 S7 is a 2-door, 2-passenger luxury sports car, available in one trim only, the Twin Turbo. Upon introduction, the S7 is equipped with a standard 7.0-liter, V8, 750-horsepower, turbo engine. A 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard. The 2006 S7 is a carryover from 2005.

Brought to GTA-SA by Lil_NuKeY



Turbocharged 7.0-Liter, 90 Degree V8, 16-Valve, OHV, EFI Engine; Mid Mounted With Horsepower Of 750@6300, Torque Of 700@4800, Alloy Block and Alloy Cylinder Heads

GTA-SA Specs
-Twin Turbo Handling Line
-Hits 200kmh (cleo) under 3 seconds
-Realistic Car Colors
-Rims Ripped By JeStEr_SG From NFSMW
-Crappy Damage Included xD
-Sound Mod Included
-Reflection Maps Included
-Locked .dff For dumbfuck 11yearolds
-Tunable with RCF_CTP, GTA Tuning Reality Mod, and Trans-fender v2.0
-25' Scissor Doors

Thursday, October 1, 2009

GTA Reality Tuning Mod v1.1

GTA Tuning Reality Mod Specs.

This mod brings up new tuning parts for most cars.

All wheel arch angel cars (except flash )
-New Vehiclegeneric256
-New Vehiclelights (By Kotton Propz To All KCS members... only who do shit not register to just download shit)
-New reflection maps.
-New Tires
-New Rims
-New Dashboard Replacements
-New Rims and Tires
-New Upgrade Parts & Overhaul (By Offroader)
-New Enb Configuration
-All new Interiors for most cars
-New Carcols
-More shit.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.2 Tunable [G-Cars]

Simple 1.2 update

Its carcols compatible and mapped textures are correct.
Wheels replaced.
Dummie positions moved.
Spoiler now known as extra1.
Exhaust positioned correct.
Tuning parts will be deleted/added but you have to answer the Poll.
Poll determines what happends.
KlMV1.8 is requierment or some things wont be in place.
Steering wheel is bigger for more hands down fit.
Interior is just texture because i got lazy i might do it again for more quality (AZIF)
Boot has layout now.
More poly's added in needed places.
Bottom of car is now just plain black :|
Paintjob is included but i did sumthing wrong so it doesnt work

ye small but needed updates and i made an enbpallete if any1 wants looks good :D.

ye if u find bugs dont be afraid to express lol ill go psycho.




Scion Tc Tunable J2

Nothign really to say but thanks to every1 at kcs


they did mostly everything and everything to make this possible
Much mad propz to y'all!









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